Dividend Investing Toward Wealth

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The stock market carries with it many misconceptions, judgements, and mysteries for many. It seems some shy away from the market with this idea that it is nothing more than a casino. Some share how they have heard of someone who lost all of their money. Some people know someone who knows someone that picked the right company and made fortunes. There are mutual funds that some swear by for their proven success while others cringe at the wealth and compounding destruction due to management fees. A simple S&P 500 approach through an ETF that simply rides the tide of the shares held often within it has low fees. But, that includes the even the poor performing businesses to weigh down returns. There are times when there is a bull market in which people are positive about the market and other times in which there is a bear market and people may tend to be negative about the market. There are many ways to invest in the stock market and I intend to bring a perspective focused on long term investing in quality businesses that grow their dividends. It is important to remain focused on individual investing goals even during market volatility and changes.