Upgrade to professional version

Mac book user

Professional version when you pay directly through the Mac app store and you don’t need to register again.

PC user and Android user

You need to download the standard version, then you can complete the payment directly through the software upgrade and restart the software. You can also complete the payment on our web site , but the approval may be manual. We will deal with your order as soon as possible.

IOS user

you can pay to upgrade in application directly.


Hi, I recently purchased the upgrade. Can you please direct me on how to download this upgrade to my PC and app on my mobile device?

Darla Mabe
Unique Transaction ID #2K691907W99499314)

Hello. I am not receiving my subscription content, even though I bought it 17 hours ago. Could I please get help so that I can update my app to what I am paying for? Thank you.