Your protection of copyright is crucial to us. This copyright statement explains the rules applied for copyright about the related works of Everywriter.

If you have any questions about these provisions to protect data, or you require any further information, please send an email。

I. Software、products copyright

II. Modify the regulations about copyright

I. copyright of software or produce

1. effective range

The following information will explain the data scope that need to collect, use and transmit in the software, products and services stipulated by the following copyright:

online service of Everywriter

The application of Everywriter aims at the platforms of Android、iOS and Windows

2. Ownership of copyright

a. All the copyrights of original works are owned by the original author in a discretionary authorization, the software and platform of Everywriter provide the services of creation and presentation respectively, which has nothing to do with the ownership of service and copyright.

b. If you publish an article in the module of writing stories by Everywriter, Everywriter only can obtain a limited version that available for displaying to the public from the original work, this part of contents are shown to readers, which is authorized by the author. If other organizations and individuals want to reprint such works, they should consult their author.

3. copyright disputes

a Everywriter shall not be liable to previously reviewed to copyright ownership of works published by members;people publish works to our web site under the permission that they have not abused copyright, otherwise they shall bear the related legal liability at their own..

b Everywriter acts as a provider for network service, which have not sufficient capabilities to monitor the behaviors such as plagiarizing, copying and pretending . Everywriter cannot bear any legal responsibility if others perform such infringement act on the site, the legal responsibility of tort shall be borne by himself who are plagiarizing, copying and pretending.

c. Everywriter has the responsibilities to remove works with the contents of plagiarizing, copying and pretending ,and stop the spread of them. The website ensure that if they receive the complaint from the real author and the case is true, we will timely delete the works and the account of the infringer.

d. Everywriter opposes to abuse the acts of legal rights from copyright owner of original in any form, and promote all the net citizen to respect the legitimate interests of copyright owners.

II. Modify regulations about copyright

Everywriter keeps the stated rights to modify, update or modify, change at any time, update or modify the copyright on its website. Everywriter may also choose in one side to provide these modified notice through its products or services. Such any changing, updating or modification will be issued to the website, and then it comes into force.

。Everywriter wishes you to review this regulation about copyright periodically in order to know that how we protect your copyright in time.